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Carlos Correa Hits A Double Into My Phone

Astros Carlos Correa hits the sweetest sounding double. Now it's the default notification on my phone.

Kevin C. Cox

Ah the sweet sounds of Spring Training. The quietness of Osceola County Stadium backfields, the low hum of the wind on a dreary day, the hushed chatter of media, the crack of Carlos Correas bat as he hits a sweet sounding double.

I saw it first on Astros County. Then I saw it on NotGraphs.

Evan Drellich of the Houston Chronicle caught one of the sweetest sounds you'll hear this spring:

That's Carlos Correa hitting a double against the New York Mets in what appears to be a B-game for the two clubs. I've listened/watched the video now at least 20 times and I can't get enough of that sound coming from Carlos Correa's bat. So I've decided to make it my default notification for my phone, with Evan's permission of course. Evan's also been kind enough to allow me to make the sound available for anyone to download.


If you download it be sure to thank Evan Drellich and, if you're not already, follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

For anyone that has a HTC 3D Evo and has trouble setting it up on their phone, leave a comment below and I'll reply with the instructions. For everyone else you'll need to Google it.