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Spring training 2014: Astros stock report

After four games, who's moving up and who's falling in the Astros stock market.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Reviving an idea I did about three years ago, we're going to analyze the first few Astros games by looking at who's stock has risen, who's has fallen and who's is plateauing.

Probable 25-man roster makers

Marc Krauss, rising - Krauss hit a home run on Monday against the Marlins, Houston's first of the spring. He's also hit in nearly every game he's played in and can play some first base. He absolutely has the inside track at making the roster and platooning with the right-handed Jesus Guzman at first base (if Bo Porter didn't hate platoons).

Jon Singleton, falling - It's early. I'll keep saying that for every guy I indicate is "falling" on here. Also, spring stats are highly misleading. Yet, Singleton going 0-for-6 with two strikeouts (and two walks) is not how he probably wanted to start camp, especially with a wide open first base competition. Also, you know, there was that article Monday night, which doesn't do anything to his stock in my book, but seems relevant here.

Jason Castro, slumping - Yep. He's 0 for 5 with one strikeout. Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth begin. Trade him already.

Both backup catchers, rising quickly - Wow, this may be the most hotly-contested spot on the Astros roster this spring. As we discussed last week, there's probably not room for Houston to carry both Max Stassi and Carlos Corporan, so both have come out on fire this spring. They're a combined 4 for 9 with four strikeouts, three runs scored, a double, two RBIs and a walk.

Brad Peacock, nosedive - Eep. That was one terrible appearance by Peacock against the Tigers. Unless he does that about five more times, he's likely not in trouble. But, he's not trending in the right direction so far.

Non-roster invitees

Brett Wallace, falling - Poor Wally. I just can't stop talking about him. His slow start to the spring games won't help his cause as he tries to make the 40-man from the outside. Looks destined for OKC.

Ronald Torreyes, rising - Though one of the last position players to advance, Torreyes has opened up on a hot streak. He's 1 for 1 and playing on the infield. He's probably still behind Gregorio Petit, but Torreyes has looked good in limited time.

Jonathan Meyer, skyrocketing - For his nickname alone. Long live the Yeti.


Mike Foltynewicz, rising penny stock - Take this for what it's worth. Astros pitching coach Brent Strom said on Saturday that Folty has a chance at contributing to the Astros bullpen immediately. With his heat and his good debut on Saturday, it's an intriguing possibility. Could he do enough this spring to justify an early call-up as a reliever? It's far out there and doesn't have a ton of upside, but this situation bears watching. Folty could be going the Carlos Martinez/Roy Oswalt route.

Collin McHugh, rising slowly - Nice start to the spring by McHugh, who struck out three in 1 2/3 innings in his only appearance so far. He did give up three hits, but the strikeouts were a nice counterpoint. At the very least, McHugh is a lottery ticket of starter insurance at OKC this season.