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Astros news: GM Jeff Luhnow answers questions on Twitter

The GM stopped by the Astros Twitter account this afternoon with the help of new social media director Amanda Rykoff.

Bob Levey

Astros GM Jeff Luhnow stopped by the main team Twitter account on Wednesday in advance of Houston's final Grapefruit League game against the New York Mets to answer some questions. Fans could tweet the hashtag #AskLuhnow at him and hope for a response.

There was some great insight in there, especially on two pitchers to watch (Brady Rodgers and Andrew Thurman), plus timetables for George Springer and Carlos Correa (now and later) and some great advice for anyone looking to get into baseball operations.

If this is the first sign of Amanda Rykoff's influence, I'm pleased. The Mets do these from time to time and it's a great way to promote the team in a fun way.

Here's the "transcript" of the chat: