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2014 Spring Training: Correa's x-rays comes back negative; Neyer weighs in on Springer

This morning boil covers two of the most recent hot topics this spring for the Astros, Carlos Correa's hand and George Springer's contract.

I must admit I didn't spend much of last night thinking about baseball, the madness had taken hold. It's not often your alma mater wins on last second shot. In between all of the news from yesterday, a few more stories slipped through the cracks.

Carlos Correa's x-Rays come back negative

The crisis is averted for now, top prospect Carlos Correa's x-ray didn't show any breakage in his hand. I maybe the only person at TCB that's still cautious, because the numerous sports injury that appear to be remedied to only pop back up later. But, this is good news for sure.

Rob Neyer Weighs in on George Springer Situation

My fellows writers did a killer job yesterday discussing the news of the contract offer to George Springer. Former SBNation writer Rob Neyer put in his two cents yesterday. This is my favorite quote from the story -

Whether he deals with the Astros or not, George Springer shouldn't have to work a day of his life when he's finished playing baseball. Maybe I'll shed a tear for him tomorrow.

I enjoy that quote not because I'm on side of the argument or the other, but it just helps to put the dilemma in perspective.