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Tuesday's Daily Boil: Does Correa do anything wrong?

A video has surfaced to correlate with the story of Carlos Correa making a surprise speech as part of the Quad Cities' championship ring ceremony. The tale only adds to the legend that is Correa's prospect profile, and raises the question: Does Correa do anything wrong?

Kevin C. Cox

Sunday night was a fun one in Florida as the Houston Astros front office brought together members of the 2013 Quad Cities River Bandits, who were champions of the Midwest League. The River Bandits were loaded to say the least. Just check out this picture from Jose De Jesus Ortiz with four Astros top 15 prospects.

"We are very, very proud of you," Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow said of the 2013 River Bandits and according to the story, he appeared to be the main speaker of the night. Instead, Astros top prospect Carlos Correa surprisingly stole the show when he went to the front of the room and made his own speech. Watch Correa's speech below:

Let's not penalize the 19-year old for using the word "like" too many times and take it for what it is. The kid appears to be a natural leader who everyone likes. He even brought the house down when forgetting to mention a coach during thank yous.

Correa's playing skills has been well-documented, but now this spring the stories of his mental prowess has caught up. Scouts have long-raved of the shortstop's makeup which tells of his work ethic and mental toughness when playing the game of baseball, but Astros fans and national baseball fans in general have learned the simple fact that Correa is an awesome guy.

It seems as if every baseball writer that has come across Correa has made sure to tweet about how mature and well-spoken he is. Correa is clearly a top ten prospect, but furthermore the Astros hit a home run in 2012 draft with their No. 1 selection because they found themselves a future face of the franchise on and off the field.

Nothing groundbreaking was said in that last sentence, but dang it still feels good to say if you're an Astros fan.