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2014 TCB Astros Fan Favorite March Madness Sweet Sixteen Wrap-up

A look at the sweet sixteen results and a look ahead at the elite eight.

Ryan Dunsmore

Here are the results from the sweet sixteen:


[Click for bracket]

Sweet Sixteen wrap-up

  • Asher Wojciechowski’s run at redemption for last year came to an end, when he was knocked out by Lance McCullers in a close vote, 167-157.

  • Speaking of close votes we may have had our closest yet, this time on the major league side of the bracket. Robbie Grossman edged out Dexter Fowler by seven votes, 156-149.

  • All other matchups were pretty handily won by their respective winners, though there were some surprises.

  • I was a little suprised Matt Dominguez took down Jesse Crain, 150-27. I figured the hometown player would get more votes and quite honestly Crain seems like the sexier pick. I think Matty D has started to win some fans over with his glove and power.

  • Jason Castro is the TCB fans official face of the franchise taking down MLB’s Astros face of the franchise Jose Altuve, 180-90.

  • I thought Mike Foltynewicz would make it a close vote against Aaron West and he did get 215 votes, but Aaron West got 368.

  • Max Stassi continued his march through the bracket with a 220-166 win over another top prospect, and potentially future minor and major league teammate, Mark Appel.

  • Danry Vasquez his quickly becoming a social media powerhouse, taking down George Springer in a 258-212 vote.

Elite Eight look ahead

  • Jason Castro is the highest ranked major league seed (2) left in the tournament. He takes on Robbie Grossman.

  • Aaron West vs Max Stassi is the most interesting matchup of this tournament with both players have a strong social media backing.

  • Dallas Keuchel vs Matt Dominguez is an probably only interesting to me because I’ve had to defend both guys on several occasions and it feels a little weird that they’ve made it this far.

  • Can Danry Vasquez take down another top prospect? This time he faces off against Lance McCullers.