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TCB Astros March Madness 2014: Dexter Fowler vs Robbie Grossman

Outfielder Dexter Fowler vs outfielder Robbie Grossman

Round 2 of the TCB Astros Fan Favorite March Madness Tournament is underway. From now until the end of Spring Training 64 players will spend the next several weeks facing off in a head to head public vote to determine who advances to the next round and who will eventually be crowned the communities favorite Astros player. For more details check out the tournament introductory post.

The rules are simple, determine which player you want to advance to the next round and then vote. Vote subjectively, objectively, using your trusty magic eight ball or any other set of criteria. It's totally up to you how you want to vote! Votes for this round will last exactly 24 hours.

In this match-up

1 - Dexter Fowler

The Astros got themselves a leadoff man after Luhnow and Co. pulled off what appears to many as a steal to get the proven center fielder. Fowler can hit (career 111 wRC+), run (19 stolen bases in 2013 even with injury trouble) and field, despite what the advanced metrics say. The biggest question lies in Fowler's ability to perform outside of Coors Field. In his five years with Colorado, Fowler hit .241 with a 25.3 strikeout percentage on the road. -Perry


12 - Robbie Grossman

Hi friends. This is Bob Grossman and I'd like to talk to you about your life insurance. Things are pretty safe here in Emporia, Kansas, but they aren't always that way. Just think about old man Johnson last year. He didn't expect that twister to hit one night, but it did. I'm not trying to sell you on something you don't need. I'm trying to help you protect your family in case the unthinkable should ever happen. Just imagine if the robots finally take over? You want little Kaitlyn to be set up, right? No, no. You don't have to decide now. Let me leave you my card and you can call me next week. Right. My name is Bob Grossman with MetLife. Thanks for your time. -David