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B-Bye Brett: Wallace Released by Astros

The Brett Wallace experiment has come to an end as the Astros release the first baseman midway through Spring Training.

Bob Levey

Brett Wallace no longer has a future with the Houston Astros. According to tweets from Jose De Jesus Ortiz of the Houston Chronicle, Wallace has been released.

Wallace, a first round draft pick by the St. Louis Cardinals in 2008, has played his entire major league career with Houston. He was acquired by the Astros in a trade in July 2010 with the Toronto Blue Jays that sent Anthony Gose to Canada.

Although many fans had high hopes for Wallace, he was never able to put all the working pieces together for any length of time. On multiple occasions Wallace was sent to the minors where he would kick into gear, only to struggle upon his return to the majors.

His career line of .242/.313/.391 at the plate wasn't enough to help him hold on. Many believed this Spring Training was Wallace's last chance after last season's 104 strikeouts in just 285 plate appearances. He had previously been removed from the 40-man roster, so Wallace would have had to prove he was worth removing someone else already on the 40-man to stay with the club.

Despite his struggles on the field, off the field, Wallace was well-liked by fans and players alike. This release, like many, will come with mixed opinions from fans.