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Twitter Scouting Report: David Coleman

A few days late, but here's my Twitter scouting report

Before the NBA season kicked off, our SB Nation brethren The Dream Shake came up with a very neat idea. They put together a post giving scouting reports on all their staff. It served not only as an introduction into the writers before the season, but also as a fun way to send up scouting reports.

Since I'm willing to steal ideas, but not wholesale, I tweaked the idea for TCB. Instead of scouting reports on writers, we're doing Twitter scouting reports on writers. Next up in our series is one of our writers that lets us turn the navel gazing up to 11, me.

@MDavidColeman's Twitter Scouting Report

Following: 275

Followers: 723

Best follow: I'm a company man, so it comes down to @Crawfish Boxes, @SBNationMLB or @SBNation. The @AstrosAnalysis account is pretty great, too.

Weirdest follow: Michael Peters (@mgpeters23), the sports editor at the Tulsa World News. It's weird because I have no ties to Tulsa at all and not a ton of interest in Tulsa things. The reason I follow Michael is he was one of two guys who got me into sports writing, taking the time to answer an email from me a decade ago with some honest, solid advice. Plus, he's an Aggie, so he's always going to be on my good side.

Favorite non-baseball follow: I have so few. It's probably a toss-up between Dwight Silverman (@dsilverman), the Chronicle's tech guy, and Daniel Vaughn (@BBQsnob), Texas Monthly's BBQ editor. But, chef and Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern (@andrewzimmern) is making a run at the title.

How do you use Twitter?: It's my RSS feed for big news. I follow mostly sports types, but I follow enough to get a big picture of what's going on in the sporting worlds I float in.

Representative tweet: Because Seinfeld will always be a never-ending well of joke callbacks for me.

First-ever tweet: It's so, so boring, everyone. I'm sorry.