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TCB Staff Twitter Scouting Report: Timothy De Block

Tweaking an idea from our SB Nation neighbors, here's a quick look into the Twitter life of the backbone of TCB, Tim De Block.

Before the NBA season kicked off, our SB Nation brethren The Dream Shake came up with a very neat idea. They put together a post giving scouting reports on all their staff. It served not only as an introduction into the writers before the season, but also as a fun way to send up scouting reports.

Since I'm willing to steal ideas, but not wholesale, I tweaked the idea for TCB. Instead of scouting reports on writers, we're doing Twitter scouting reports on writers. Next up in our series is one of the most integral parts of TCB, Tim De Block.

@TimothyDeBlock's scouting report

Following: 250

Followers: 598

Best follow: Zachary Levine (@zacharylevine) - His #FaceofMLB tweets are awesome.

Weirdest follow: Kevin Millar (@KMillar15) - He seems to be a polarizing figure among baseball fans but I love him and Chris Rose. I respect and appreciate the entertainment value they bring to the program Intentional Talk.

Favorite non-baseball follow: @DeathStarPR - Just a fun Twitter account with witty Star Wars jokes.

How do you use Twitter?: Interact with Astros fans and non-baseball related follows. I also use it to tweet out links to interesting articles I read and images that I make.

Representative tweet:

Best live-game tweeter: Astros County

First-ever tweet: