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TCB Astros Audio Newsletter January 2014

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The January 2014 edition of TCB's Astros Audio Newsletter.

Ryan Dunsmore

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Maybe you enjoy reading the Crawfish Boxes but don't have enough time to read all the wonderful content. Maybe you enjoy listening to our podcasts and wish there were more of them. Well, starting today that wish has come true.

TCB introduces the Astros Audio Newsletter.

This monthly Astros Audio Newsletter will feature nine of the best articles from our website. This month's podcast will feature articles from the month of January 2014:

Astros prospects: Aaron West mechanics analysis - The Crawfish Boxes
By Brooks Parker

Baseball Hall of Fame: Crushing vote leaves first-ever Astro inductee just short - The Crawfish Boxes
By David Coleman

Baseball Hall of Fame: What The BBWAA Says About Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell Doesn't Matter - The Crawfish Boxes
By Timothy De Block

Baseball Hall of Fame: A little more on Jeff Bagwell's power - The Crawfish Boxes
By David Coleman

MLB Instant Replay System: They're Doing It Wrong - The Crawfish Boxes
By Timothy De Block

Astros offseason: News flash - It's really, really hard to get into the playoffs - The Crawfish Boxes
By David Coleman

Question of the Week: Should the Astros bring back Nolan Ryan? - The Crawfish Boxes
By Idrees Tily

The Crawfish Boxes goes to Fan Fest - The Crawfish Boxes
By illinibob

Calm, Cool, But Excited: The Air of 2014 FanFest - The Crawfish Boxes
By Terri Schlather

Feedback on this new podcast is encouraged. I am planning on tweaking the format a bit, but I need your feedback on what you want to see this podcast become. Feel free to leave a comment here or contact me via email at I've also setup a survey for this and all our other comments. At the end of the survey there will be a field available for any other feedback you wish to provide, please feel free to leave comments there as well.


I'm hoping to have a new one of these out at the beginning of each month so be sure to check your podcast directories for the latest download.



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If you have an feedback for the show you can email me at And a big thank you to those of you that have given feedback in the comments, via email or by iTunes ratings. We really appreciate it.

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