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TCB Staff Twitter Scouting Report: Perry Mattern

Checking in on one of our newer writers who's headed for big things

Before the NBA season kicked off, our SB Nation brethren The Dream Shake came up with a very neat idea. They put together a post giving scouting reports on all their staff. It served not only as an introduction into the writers before the season, but also as a fun way to send up scouting reports.

Since I'm willing to steal ideas, but not wholesale, I tweaked the idea for TCB. Instead of scouting reports on writers, we're doing Twitter scouting reports on writers. Next up in our series is one of our writers we'll say we knew when, Perry Mattern.

@SentinelMattern's scouting report

Following: 625

Followers: 244

Best Follow: L.J. Hoes (@MRLJHOES2U): TURN UP

Weirdest Follow: Boring Tweeter (@b0ringtweets): It's funny figure out which person you know tweets like this account.

How do you use Twitter? Lots of reporting for the Carlisle Sentinel (, check it out!), mainly Shippensburg University sports. Complaining about my love/hate relationship with the Dallas Cowboys, my mancrush of Dirk Nowitzki, and of course to talk about the 'Stros.

Representative tweet:

Best live game tweeter: @OrtizKicks - Astros County came in a close second.

First ever tweet: