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TCB Astros March Madness 2014: Matt Dominguez vs Chris Carter

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Third basemen Matt Dominguez vs TROOOGGGDDOOOOOORRRR!

TCB's Astros Fan Favorite March Madness Tournament is underway. From now until the end of Spring Training 64 players will spend the next several weeks facing off in a head to head public vote to determine who advances to the next round and who will eventually be crowned the communities favorite Astros player. For more details check out the tournament introductory post.

The rules are simple, determine which player you want to advance to the next round and then vote. Vote subjectively, objectively, using your trusty magic eight ball or any other set of criteria. It's totally up to you how you want to vote! Votes for this round will last exactly 24 hours.

In this match-up

6 - Matt Dominguez

Dominguez was the starting third baseman in 2013 and looks to solidify that role in 2014. Matt is a plus defender, but his offense is a question mark. 2013 was a tale of two season, with a horrid first half and a good second half, resulting in a good 21 HRs and a bad .286 OBP. At 23 years old, he may improve his offense, particularly if he can increase his walks. -Clack


11 - Chris Carter

TROGDOOOOOR! TROGDOOOOR! Trogdor was a man. Then he was a dragon-man. Then he was a dragon. TROOOOOGDOOOOR! TROOOOGDOOOOR! Burninating the town. Burninating everything. He's TROGDOOOOOOR! TROGDOOOOR! -David