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Super Sunday TCB Boil: February 23, 2014

Astros links including Spring Training, CSN Houston, and the college baseball.

Kevin C. Cox

Good morning boys and girls, how has your weekend been thus far? Good? (insert appropriate respond to your mental-stated answer) Spring Training games are just around the corner, so let's talk about the most recent reports out of Kissimmee.

Maybe I enjoy betting on the longshot/underdog, but twice I've been asked who will be in the starting rotation this season? I've included Lucas Harrell both times. Harrell has shown some flashes the past few season of putting it together, and the Astros had every opportunity to cut bait and haven't thus far. I want to see what Lucas Harrell does with his opportunity this spring. Brian McTaggart sits down with Lucas Harrell to talk about the upcoming season - Astros' Lucas Harrell ready for a bounce-back season.

McTaggart also emptied out the notebook Friday, covering Scott Feldman throwing to live batters, Tony LaRussa talking about Biggio and Bagwell, and instant replay - Feldman, pitchers face live hitters for first time.

David Barron checked in with another update on the ongoing court battle over CSN Houston. Specifically the Astros' appeal of Judge Marvin Isgur's recent ruling to send the CSN Houston into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Judge Lynn Hughes is presiding over the appeal. Judge Hughes has already stated it will be best for the parties to work together to fix the problem rather than use the courts - Judge: Astros, Rockets and Comcast should focus more on network and less on lawsuits.

Finally, if you don't already know, college baseball is coming to the Juice Box this coming weekend. I'm looking forward to it. My alma mater was be playing in the series, so follow my twitter for updates and if you want to say hi - Best Baseball at Minute Maid Park in 2014: Annual College Classic Next Week.