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The TCB Daily Boil, February 21, 2014

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Let's take a break and read an interview with Enos Cabell.

Bob Levey

Jayne Hansen over at What the Heck, Bobby? is some kind of all-powerful wizard. Barnstorming the Astros minor league system each week for stories. For many young Astros players she is the first interview that they have as a member of the organization.

This time around she interviewed Enos Cabell, former Astros third baseman and current Special Assistant to the General Manager. It's a fascinating look at Cabell and the Astros organization.

Cabell described another conversation with one very talented minor leaguer, "I said, 'Have you figured out what you want to be? Do you want to be a .330 hitter, or do you want to hit 25 home runs and hit .270 or .280?' And he looks at me and he says, 'Well, I haven't figured it out.' 'You haven't figured it out yet? I'm tired of looking at it. Sometimes you're God's gift to heaven and then I come back a month or two later and I don't know who you are! Son, you've got to figure out who you are.' He can be a great player, but you don't know and he doesn't know because he's still figuring it out."

I wonder who he is talking about? What is your take away from the article?