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The TCB Daily Boil, February 20, 2014

Let's take a break and meet the better half of Jeff Luhnow.

Bob Levey

By all accounts, Jeff Luhnow is a rock star at this point with Astros fans. He has torn down and rebuilt the Astros in hopes of sustained success in the future. For what it's worth, Brian Kenny recently called Luhnow the most-interesting man in sports. But, what do we really know about Jeff Luhnow?

John Burgess of Climbing Tal's Hill sat down with someone knows him best, his wife Gina Luhnow. It's a great article, and certainly worth a read.

JB - It seems like I remember Jeff taking the Astros gig and then you guys getting married shortly thereafter. How hectic was that?

GL - Very hectic! Since Jeff was working at the Cardinals, I thought I'd be moving to St. Louis after our wedding in January, 2012. (I was born and raised in Los Angeles and living there at the time). Jeff called me in early December, 2011 to tell me that he got the job with the Astros and "Um... you're not moving to St. Louis, Gina- we're moving to Houston!"

What do you think? What you think of the view behind the curtain of Jeff Luhnow? Either way, I think he is in good hands.