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TCB Astros March Madness 2014: Vincent Velasquez vs Carlos Perez

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Right-handed pitching prospect Vincent Velasquez vs catching prospect Carlos Perez.

TCB's Astros Fan Favorite March Madness Tournament is underway. From now until the end of Spring Training 64 players will spend the next several weeks facing off in a head to head public vote to determine who advances to the next round and who will eventually be crowned the communities favorite Astros player. For more details click here for the introductory post.

The rules are simple determine which player you want to advance to the next by voting for that player. Any excellent arguments made for an advancing player in the comments below may be used in the players description for the next round. Vote subjectively, objectively or by using your trusty magic eight ball. Votes will last exactly 24 hours.

In this match-up

5 - Vincent Velasquez

2013 was a big year for Vincent Velasquez. It was his first uninhibited full season since being drafted in the second round of the 2010 draft. Fully recovered from Tommy John surgery Velasquez posted a 3.54 ERA between Class-A and high Class-A in 124 2/3 innings. He walked three batters per nine innings (BB/9) and struck out 142. Which vaulted him into several Astros top-10 prospect lists and Keith Law's ESPN Top 100 Prospect List. Still only 22, Velasquez is poised to cement his status as a top 100 prospect in baseball.


12 - Carlos Perez

Perez is a very good prospect who has been somewhat lost in the shuffle thanks to the massive depth that Jeff Luhnow has built in the Minor League. He's an above-average reciever and calls the game well, and he's a roughly average thrower. He's shown some offensive ability in the past, mostly to hit for average thanks to limiting strikeouts to very reasonable levels. Power will never be a big part of his game, but he's shown just enough pop to avoid being labeled "slappy." Thanks to an 8.4% walk rate and 13.2% strikeout rate in his first stint in Triple-A last year, he managed a decent .328 OBP despite being just 22 years old and playing against older competition. -Ashitaka