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The TCB Daily Boil, February 18, 2014

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Taking a break from the day to discuss Philip Humber

Stacy Revere

Last year, some of us felt bad for Philip Humber. the former Rice pitcher bombed so terribly with the Astros that you couldn't help but feel slightly bad for him. Well, every player gets a second chance, or a third or fourth, depending on where he plays and how old he is. Since Humber still is relatively young, he signed with the Oakland A's this winter.

Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle talked with Humber about his 2013 campaign. It's a good look, not just at last year for Humber, but over his career as a whole.

"It's been interesting," said Humber, who signed with Oakland as a minor-league free agent and is in camp as a nonroster invitee. "If you'd have drawn it up like this after I'd been drafted, it's not what I would have dreamed up. But I wouldn't change it. There isn't a season where I feel like if I'd gone after it a little bit harder, things would have been different."

What do you think? Will you be pulling for Humber to turn things around in Oakland at all? Or, does the fact that he's playing for a division rival end any goodwill? What are the chances that he's able to bounce back and be a meaningful piece for the A's?