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The TCB Daily Boil: February 13, 2013

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Talk about pension plans and the name for this post all at the same time.

Patrick McDermott

This post is going to be something of a test case, where it changes over the next few weeks. Some writers, like Ryan, will do a great job of providing a links roundup. Sometimes, writers like me who are not nearly as productive as Ryan, will give you one link to talk about.

Today's link is this one from ESPN's Adam Rubin. it concerns the MLB owners voting to remove restrictions on every team offering a pension plan for non-uniformed employees. From Rubin:

The retirement plans of any baseball employee not wearing a big league uniform may be affected by the decision, including secretaries, scouts, front-office executives, and minor league staff.

Some of those personnel, particularly at the minor league level and in amateur scouting, make less than $40,000 a year and rely on pensions in retirement.

Rob Manfred, MLB's chief operating officer, noted no team has yet acted to reduce employee pension benefits.

"The change in the rule does not require a club to change anything," Manfred said. "All 30 clubs are free to leave their plans exactly where they are and, in fact, no club has made a change. This change gives the clubs the ability to put together what they feel is a competitive pension program in their particular market."

Scouts and other baseball personnel are not glamorous, but they also don't get paid like everyone else. Baseball can now cut, change or even eliminate pensions for these employees, which is pretty terrible. As Manfred says, this doesn't mean they will do this, but would you put it past them?

What do you think? Is this a big deal? Or is the "threat" more esoteric, like the "threat" of getting fired or struck by lightning or something?

Oh, you can also help us finalize the name for this post. I like the Daily Boil, but one of our writers expressed some reservations. Any better suggestions? Tell us in the comments and we'll take the best four or five and put a poll in tomorrow's Boil to put it to a vote.