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The TCB Daily Boil: February 11, 2014

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A new feature on TCB that takes a look around the league each morning.

Jed Jacobsohn

In our ongoing attempts to bring you the best coverage of the Astros and baseball in general, we have created a new feature - The TCB Daily Boil. It's "new" in the concept that it has a tentative name and it's on our schedule now. The concept is of this feature is nothing new though, a daily links post to be the first thing that is read in the morning. We hope for it to be a hub to talk about non-TCB articles and things going on around the league. Hope you enjoy.

Astros pack truck full of gear for trek to Florida
The Astros may not have had a hashtag #TruckDay and public viewing like the Red Sox, but the universal sign that baseball is about begin has happened in Houston. The Astros equipment has been loaded up and it's on its way to Kissimmee.

Astros seek one-day contract for Oswalt, Berkman
The main reason this article is on the list today is to present today's poll question. I'm with Alyson Footer, Berkman and Oswalt are Astros with or without the contracts. What do you think TCB readers?

Former Astros assistant coach to rejoin ESPN
Eduardo Perez is returning to ESPN after bowing out from caching the Astros. I've heard nothing but positive things about Perez's time with the Astros. I will admit I may enjoy him more in front of the camera once again in Bristol.

Baseball teams and the windows that define them -
The first installment of any links post must include something from Grant Brisbee. Brisbee highlights one of the main reasons for the rebuild in Houston - the window. Jeff Luhnow hasn't torn down the major league club and rebuilt in some kind of quick house flip project. The hope is to have long term success and be a constant player each year for the the crown. We know where the Astros are, but where is the rest of Major League Baseball.

On the uncomfortable certainty of uncertainty
Rob Neyer has resurface since his departure from SBNation as's senior baseball editor.

Brad Ausmus takes traditional approach as Tigers manager - Bless You Boys
An article about Brad Ausmus, need I say more?