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Astros GM Jeff Luhnow was extended last offseason

Jeff Luhnow's extension came after the worst season in franchise history and a 19 game improvement last season.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Drellich of the Houston Chronicle is reporting that Astros GM Jeff Luhnow was given an extension, "some time last offseason."

"I think Jeff's doing a good job," Crane told the Chronicle at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel. "He's following the plan and has shown marked improvement, and you know, hopefully with some more additions, we can get where we want to get quickly."

That should put to bed any Nolan Ryan takeover rumors, for a little while at least.

Interestingly enough, the extension came after the Astros finished with the worst record in franchise history in 2013 and just before the 19 game improvement the team saw this past season. There's also, as the story notes, the trade discussion leaks, the Brady Aiken debacle and the firing of Bo Porter, who was a Luhnow hire. Still, the team is heading in the right direction and it appears that Crane agrees and is willing to give Luhnow the time to execute his plan.