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Chase Headley rumors: Astros "not high" on free agent third baseman

Welp. So much for that.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, at least the Astros aren't going to lose out on yet another free agent to the Yankees. That's something.

Jon Heyman is reporting that the Astros are not "high on Headley," which refutes a couple of reports in New York that Houston made Headley that $65 million offer.

From Heyman's report:

There was allegedly a $65-million, four-year offer for Headley, and while that figure (or maybe even a tad higher) were rumored and even reported, it's a mystery where that could come possibly from. Someone was speculating the Astros in print in the last few days, but while Houston is looking at the left side of the infield, two sources familiar with their thinking say Headley isn't all that high on their list.

That leaves the Headley suitors narrowed down to the Giants, Yankees and Marlins for sure. Peter Gammons reported earlier in the day that Headley could pick a team on Tuesday but that the Jon Lester talks could slow that down.

With high-profile trade acquisition Colin Moran waiting in the wings, it makes sense that Houston hasn't gone after Headley, more than just "kicking the tires" on him.

Onto the next rumor...