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Chase Headley rumors: Astros offered Headley 4/$65M, Yankees moving to four years

In a good-news, bad-news situation, we find out via SB Nation sister site Pinstripe Alley that the Astros were indeed the team to offer Chase Headley four years and $65 million.

Yet, all of that seems for naught, as it's forced the Yankees to not only up their offer to four years for Headley, but to go four years on David Robertson too.

If you're counting, that means the Yankees would have snaked in and stolen three of Houston's free agent targets. I wonder if this is what Royals' fans feel like.

No word on whether the Yankees also offered a fourth year to Jed Lowrie, just to stick it to Houston. At least there's this:

Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York says that the Yankees aren't willing to match the offer the Astros gave Headley (though they don't seem to believe any such offer from Houston has actually been made), nor are they willing to give Robertson Jonathan Papelbon money.

Houston may force the Yankees to up their year total to Headley and/or Robertson, but the Astros can still offer more money. Let's hope money talks. Anyone have breakdowns of the state income tax they can fax over to Headley's agent real quick?