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Super Astros Crawfish Boil: December 7, 2014

Astros links involving the Hall of Fame (ick), potential Astros moves (hmmm), saving the Astrosdome (FREEDDDOOOOMMMMM!!!) and writing tips (...).

MUAHAHAHA! I've taken over the link post for this week. Let my reign of terror begin! Ryan should be back next week....I think....maybe.

In Hall Vote, Tainted Candidates And Split Tickets -
By Tyler Kepner - Things are getting tight on the ballot.

JAY DUNN: Craig Biggio shouldn’t lose MLB Hall of Fame cred with deep class
By Jay Dunn - Anyone promoting Biggio for the Hall of Fame is okay in my book.

Springer-Fowler bond complicates Astros' future - Houston Chronicle
By Evan Drellich -You might want to rethink that Dexter Fowler trade proposal.

Luhnow 'confident' Astros will make moves to help team |
By Brian McTaggart - Moves are coming.

The Biggest Room: Past, Present, & Future of the Astrosdome
By Matthew Murphy - Here's your chance to back a documentary about the Astrosdome via Kickstarter.

DIRK HAYHURST " 8 Tips on Writing
By Dirk Hayhurst - Really good article on writing. By the way, did I mention we might be looking for more writers on the site? Contact me if interested.

Orbit earns MLB's first nod as top sports mascot |
By Brian McTaggart