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TCB's most popular posts of 2014

What were the most-read things on TCB in the past year? Check out what made the list.

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Doing the math on the Brady Aiken mess

As part of our effort to cover the Brady Aiken saga as best we can, TCB writers broke down every aspect we could think of.

That included doing the math on the draft pool and what it would take to get each player signed. We talked about how much each player could get, how much Aiken could get without the Astros losing a pick and how much he'd been offered.

It isn't ground-breaking reading, but it was fairly popular.

TCB March Madness 2014: West vs. Stassi

Our annual March Madness bracket, developed and championed by Tim since its inception, is always a hit. This year, the most popular post in the contest was this one pitting TCB March Madness favorite Aaron West against Max Stassi.

Sidenote: Any Key and Peele fans find themselves referring to West as "A-Aron" now?

TCB's April Pitcher of the Month

Dallas Keuchel broke out in a big way this season. He dropped his ERA by nearly three runs and became Houston's best pitcher. We kinda, sorta knew this might be coming. At least, Chris seemed to know this was coming. Keuchel's other supporters on the site also took plenty of joy in his breakout campaign.

That all started when Keuchel won this year's first Pitcher of the Month award. I'm actually a little shocked one of these made the top of this list. It's hard to know how much traction some posts are getting and I just assumed these crazy awards posts were done largely for my own amusement.

I assume this was all on Diesel and less on the format itself. Maybe I should let Keuchel win every month next year.

Rule 5 recap

Less about the content, more about the timeliness. Our Rule 5 recap this year came out close enough to when the draft ended that it picked up plenty of readers. It also didn't hurt that the Astros lost a bunch of players in this draft and people were slightly fired up about it.

The Winner

On New Year's Day, we'll break down our favorite posts from the last year. Suffice it to say our most popular post of 2014 was also my favorite post of the year. I'll be talking about this one for a while.

It all started when the IronPigs came out with that bacon cap. Besides being awesome, it inspired our own Ryan Dunsmore to come up with food caps for all 30 teams.

It was brilliant. It was brilliantly executed. It was funny. It was timely and just all-around awesome.

As I said last week, Ryan is a peerless graphic designer and we're lucky to have so many of his best work appear on his site.

It's also telling that I would absolutely purchase at least 10 of these hats. Sign me up for an Astros alternate cap that features sliced brisket. I'd wear that every day.

Also, the fact that San Francisco got kale still kills me to this day. Good work, Ryan. Good work.