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Wednesday's Three Astros Things

Talking about Andrew Miller, a Colorado-Seattle potential trade and no one getting non-tendered...

Some things to talk about while we discuss more sound and fury that signify nothing...

1) Andrew Miller updates

The Astros are in on free agent reliever Andrew Miller. Yay!

Seems like some teams are out. No mention of the Astros. Boo!

Now, seems like Miller is nearing a "mega-deal." Probably not with the Astros. Double-boo!

Are the Yankees using Miller as leverage over David Robertson, just like Robertson used the Astros as leverage over the Yankees? What if the Yankees really do move on? What does Robertson do then? Will the Astros forgive him and honor that $39 million offer? Will he have to stand outside their window playing Time After Time on a boom box?

Tune in tomorrow for the answers on As the Hot Stove Turns.

2) Rockies, Mariners potential trade partners

Let's move on to AL West news. The Rockies and Mariners are apparently discussing a deal. No word on what the deal entails, but if Taijuan Walker is involved, it sounds like Carlos Gonzalez could be going to Seattle.

Here's the thing about the Mariners. I'm not worried about any of this. They're a very good team right now. They're not great, but had a very good year because of outstanding pitching.

But, they have to rely offensively on basically Kyle Seager and a bunch of oldies. Robinson Cano will be a bit worse than he was in 2014. Nelson Cruz will be a lot worse. If they get CarGo, will he stay healthy? Giving up Walker for him seems to be shortening their contention cycle even more.

It could make the Mariners dangerous next season, but I don't completely buy it. What makes more sense in this hypothetical deal is Wilin Rosario going to Seattle. He'd help bolster the wretched offense that Mike Zunino showed last season, even as Zunino probably won't be that bad this season.

How worried about the Mariners are you? Did the A's trade drop them below Seattle for second place in the AL West?

3) No Astros non-tendered

No surprise here, but all the Astros eligible players were tendered contracts by last night's deadline. There wasn't even deadline drama, with someone being left off the tendered list and reports ripping the Astros for tendering them after public support forced them into it.

At any rate, Houston still has a glut of catchers on the roster. Carlos Corporan was tendered a contract, despite drawing tepid interest on the trade market.

As Drellich says here, the next set of deadlines for this group won't be for a month or more.

The next key dates are Jan. 13 when salary arbitration filings begin and Jan. 16 when salary figures are exchanged.

News! Sorta!

Let's just move on. Anyone know what's happening with Andrew Miller? Has he given a rose to a lucky team lately?