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Astros Facial Hair Face Off: Jeff Bagwell vs. Dallas Keuchel

Who has the best facial hair? Astros legend Jeff Bagwell or Gold Glover Dallas Keuchel?

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

It's that weird time of the baseball offseason, in between two holidays, when no big news typically happens and the skeleton crew is left in charge to man the TCB ship. As such I've decided to have a little fun with our post today. For those unawares, I have an unhealthy addiction to facial hair. I started with a goatee in high school cause some girl said she liked goatees. That's progressed into a wonderful beard that inspires good will towards others. Several others on the staff also have beards like Ryan and Anthony and sometimes Brooks. David once tried to grow a beard, but it ended up taking the site down.

But enough about our glorious beards, it's time to look at some awesome Astros beards with which to discuss and debate. We're going to have an Astros Facial Hair Face Off: Astros legend Jeff Bagwell vs. Gold Glover Dallas Keuchel. This is facial hair vs. facial hair. Billy goatee vs. THE beard. At the bottom of this post you will find a poll in which you can vote on either Bagwell or Keuchel.

Jeff Bagwell

Astros Facial Off

Photo by Brett Davis - USA TODAY Sports

Bagwell's goatee was always well kept, but one offseason he decided to put the trimmers away all offseason and showed up to Spring Training with a longer than usual goatee. The goatee didn't last very long, but it made national news and put Bagwell on the facial hair radar for non-Astros fans.

Astros Facial Off

Photo by Jerry Lai - USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Keuchel

Astros Facial Off

Photo by Bob DeChiara - USA TODAY Sports

Watching Keuchel's beard grow was easily one of the highlights of this past season. He started with just a beard and allowed it to grow and grow and grow into the magnificent beard it is today. There was worry that he might shave it off this offseason, but as of December 22, 2014, it appears he's still sporting the best beard in baseball.

Astros Facial Off

Photo by Brad Penner - USA TODAY Sports