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Merry Christmas, TCB

Thanks for all of you who read our stuff. You make this site worth it.

Just a quick post today to tell all of you who read TCB: Merry Christmas!

I hope you all have a safe and fun day today, celebrating the holidays with your loved ones.

The most rewarding part of writing for TCB is you readers. So many of our writers came up through the ranks of commenters, you are a vital part of our site.

Thanks to all of you, including the TCB staff.

Thanks to Tim for his work, not only on the podcast, but on helping steer the site into new directions.

Thanks to Ryan for his tireless work on stories and his peerless work on graphics.

Thanks to Chris, Brian, clack, Brooks, Spencer, Anthony and everyone else on the TCB writing staff who make this site such a great place to talk about the Astros. They're all constantly generating top-quality content that creates discussion and are one fo the big reasons why this site means so much to me.

Thanks, again, to all you readers. You are the biggest reason why this site is so rewarding. We have such a thoughtful and polite commenting base, it's easiy to take that for granted. You all make this site so wonderful, even when we disagree. I couldn't imagine TCB working without all of you who read and comment. Thanks so much for being a part of this and sharing all our Astros fandom.

We'll be back on Friday with more Astros-centric talk. For now, enjoy the day!