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Astros Hot Stove: Should the Padres' Seth Smith be a target?

The Padres have been surprise movers recently, pulling off a blockbuster that netted them former uber-prospect Wil Myers, and they appear likely to land All-Star Matt Kemp from the Dodgers as well

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously, both of those two players, outfielders by trade, would clog up the picture for the Friars. Moves to deal excess outfielders seem an obvious next step.

Jerrey Crasnick of ESPN stated that Seth Smith seems a likely trade candidate to help clear things up. Smith is an interesting player for several reasons, many of which could potentially make him a fit with the Astros.

For the unfamiliar, Smith is 32 years of age, and will be so for the entirety of the 2015 season. A left-handed bat, he's hit .265/.347/.453 during his career, with his double-digit home run pop helping him accrue a useful 112 wRC+ in 2,821 plate appearances. Defensive metrics DRS and UZR have him as an average-or-better left fielder, but not a right fielder. Inside Edge fielding says he's the guy who will make routine plays at an extremely high percentage of the time but may struggle on tougher balls. In short, he's a somewhat above-average hitter and about an average defender.

He currently has up to three years left on his contract; he'll make six million in 2015, bump to $6.75 million in 2016, and then he has a 2017 club option worth seven million that can be bought out for just $250,000. So while he's not young, the team that deals for him would only be locked up with him for his age 32 and 33 seasons.

He looks fairly inviting. You have a solid left fielder who will knock 15 or so long balls (and as a lefty in Minute Maid, who knows?), walk 10% or more of the time, and only has $13 million guaranteed to him over the next two seasons. It's safe to say he could provide an upgrade.

Or is it? The really interesting thing is that, when you think of his profile, he's essentially Grossman's ceiling. Grossman is also an average-or-better left fielder, with potential double-digit home run juice, who can hit for a passable average that will play up thanks to his ability to draw walks. In other words, if Grossman were to break out and reach his potential, he'd provide the same level of value, and potentially a bit more, while being paid about a tenth of Smith's salary.

Smith is solid, but unexciting. He's not expensive, but he's not exactly cheap, either. He's not so old that you're really worried about it, but he's also not young. He doesn't have significant injury concerns, but he's also played 140 or more games in just one of his seasons. He's a better bet for production than Grossman, but if Grossman break out, Smith would be pretty much out-matched in terms of value.

What do you think? Would you be interested in Smith? How much would you be willing to part with? Rather give Grossman another go? Do you want to see Marisnick get a shot over the both of them?