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Jed Lowrie rumors: Free agent infielder looking for three-year deal

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Doesn't sound like anything is close here. A three-year deal sounds about right for Lowrie, who was projected to get a three-year, $30 million deal by the crowdsourcing at FanGraphs and two-year, $22 million by Dave Cameron.

But, that would mean the Astros go over their projected salary ceiling for 2015. As it stands right now, the Astros have $65 million set up for the 40-man roster in 2015, after the Neshek and Gregerson signings.

Adding Lowrie at $10 million per season blows the projected $70 million budget by $5 million and doesn't give Houston any room to add more players on lower-cost deals.

JIm Crane did say on Tuesday that the Astros could go over that for the right player. There's also a chance that payroll figure comes down once Houston clears up its catching situation.

But, for now, it appears the Lowrie market will wait a bit. Unless his price comes down, I don't expect the Astros to make a play for him.