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LIVE: Framin' Hank Conger

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The hot stove season is here! Catcher Hank Conger is acquired by the Houston Astros from the Los Angeles Angels Ana...(I give up) for prospects catcher Carlos Perez and pitcher Nicholas Tropeano. What other moves will the Astros make?

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Ryan Dunsmore

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TCB Astros Baseball Podcast

Podcast Start Time: 8:05 p.m. CT

Host: Tim De Block, David Coleman and Ryan Dunsmore

Houston Astros Major League Baseball Topics:

  • Hang Conger acquired by the Houston Astros for catcher Carlos Perez and pitcher Nicholas Tropeano
  • The hot stove season is officially upon us: Who else could the Astros acquire?
  • Arizona Fall League update
  • Listener questions

Leave questions in the comments below for either podcast and we'll do our best to get them answered. If we don't answer them we'll save them for a future podcast.

The archived live record can be found on Mixlr at:

Intro music by Alan Read.

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