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2014 SB Nation MLB Awards: Catchup up with three categories

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Kicking off TCB's voting for our own award categories

Alex Goodlett

I'm a terrible, terrible person.

Because of my terribleness, I've denied TCB a chance to participate in SB Nation's MLB awards this season. Well, until now. Let's get up to speed.

First of all, a quick introduction. These awards are intended to be different from the regular awards that get voted on by those terrible people in the BBWAA. These are supposed to be fun and hip and cool. Like Poochie.

The categories aren't typical MLB award stuff. They are as follows:

  • Funniest moment
  • Most regrettable moment
  • Defensive play of the year
  • Most important hit of the year
  • Best pitching appearance of the year
  • Team of the year (we can't nominate the Astros)

Here's how it will work. In the comments to this post, present your nominations. Put the category you are nominating in the subject line and the event (or team) you are nominating in the body of the comment. Feel free to add relevant GIFs or other photos to back up your nomination.

We're behind the schedule because I'm behind my life schedule. So, let's see if we can't vote for Funniest Moment, Most Regrettable Moment and Defensive Play of the Year today. Next week, we'll hit Most Important Hit, Best Pitching Performance and round it out with Team of the Year.

We can focus mostly on Astros plays for this, as we'll be sending it along to higher ups for MLB-wide voting after this. The only exception is when we get to Team of the year, but we'll cover that next week.

So...who ya got? Does Dallas Keuchel win Defensive Play of the Year? George Springer? Are you glad we don't have a Butt Slide moment as most regrettable for 2014? I leave this in your very capable hands.