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CSN Houston Update: "Clear path" to the long-awaited resolution

The Astros, Rockets and Comcast were back in court on Thursday, and it didn't take long for some great news for long-suffering fans to trickle out.

This is pretty much what we're feeling right now
This is pretty much what we're feeling right now
Bob Levey

David Barron, who has been tracking this story from day one, was in the courtroom and tweeting out updates, as usual. After a few humorous moments in which Judge Lynn Hughes mentioned the "nasty letters" he'd been receiving from fans who wanted him to expedite the process, things got underway and the good news flowed quickly.

At that point, the Judge excused Comcast's lawyers so they could have a pow-wow and figure out if they agreed with that. It didn't take long:

And just like that, the two armies essentially sat down at the table to sign the peace treaty. To be sure, there are numerous details that yet need working out, and Comcast will still be working through appeals to reclaim a massive loan from the teams, but the fans don't care. What the fans care about are the games being on TV, and today was a triumph in that regard.

There it is. Once that deadline passes eight days from now, the network will be free to launch, returning Rockets (and, in 2015, Astros) games to the sixty-odd percent of Houstonians who have been sports-starved for two full years now. The great uphill fight appears, at long last, to be over, and it's quite possible that we're two weeks or less away from Rockets games being available to AT&T and DirecTV subscribers.