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Help us choose the most important Astros hit of 2014

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Voting continues in this newly-created awards show

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday, we introduced voting for the SB Nation MLB Awards. Today, we continue that voting on schedule with another category.

Someone already made what could be the best nomination in this category, but here we are. What was the most important Astros hit this season?

Nominate whichever play you like. Use photos, GIFs or whatever means you can in the comments. If you don't have visual evidence, just let us know which hit you saw as most important.

For a team that finished as far out of the playoff race as the Astros, this may be a difficult sell. As I said, it may also be pretty obvious which hit should get nominated. But, I leave it to you good people to work out.

As refresher: These awards are intended to be different from the regular awards that get voted on by those terrible people in the BBWAA. These are supposed to be fun and hip and cool. Like Poochie.

The categories aren't typical MLB award stuff.

We've got two more categories to vote for this week. On Wednesday, we'll vote for the best pitching appearance of the year and on Friday, we'll vote on the Team of the Year (and no, we can't vote for the Astros).

Who ya got?