Pitch Clock? Have We Fallen Out of Love with the Game?

One of the defining characteristics of baseball that separates it from essentially all other team sports is that it has no set time frame. This allows for the pitcher to set his own pace, at which he is comfortable. As you may already know, MiLB is currently experimenting with the pitch clock I'd like to tell you why a pitch clock in baseball is a bad idea and why anyone who love's baseball should be outraged with the proposal of a pitch clock.

Plain and simple, a pitch clock in baseball would allow for easier anticipation of a pitch by both batters and base runners. Imagine being a scrappy base runner and knowing that either the pitch has to be delivered or the pitcher has to attempt a pick-off in the next 2 seconds. This is a definite advantage to the base runner. Whether or not it's an advantage for the hitter is debatable. Regardless, this is tinkering with our sport, this goes far beyond home plate collisions or replays. Setting a pitch clock would be changing the sport as we know it.