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Highlights from Jeff Luhnow's takeover of the Astros' Twitter account

Highlights from the #AskLuhnow session conducted by Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow.

Bob Levey

Earlier this afternoon, Jeff Luhnow wrestled control of the official Houston Astros Twitter account for a question and answer with fans who submitted questions via #AskLuhnow. Here are the highlights from that Q&A.

Carlos Correa injury update

Surprises from within the Astros organization

Orbit's value

Offseason needs

Coaching staff finalized


Nothing earth shattering here. I do think the offseason needs question is interesting, because it points to the bullpen and infield options and then depth. We've been putting together the list of Astros players eligible for the Rule 5 draft and there are a lot of interesting names on that list. So many, in fact, that it's likely the Astros won't be able to protect all of them with the current state of the 40-man roster. And that doesn't even account for one or two free agents the Astros intend to pursue. I expect that the Astros front office will be active in the trade market and look to move some players on the 40-man, as well as some of the Rule 5 eligible players to further improve the farm systems depth and "reset the clock" on some of their assets.

A full recap of the Q&A will be available on the Astros' MLB blog Mission Control.