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MLB Playoffs 2014: Former Astros dot the roster of postseason contenders

Having trouble deciding who to cheer for this postseason? This list of former Astros playing in October might help you out.

Thearon W. Henderson

One of the greatest myths in all of sports fandom is that you should cheer for every single ex-player who's ever passed through your team or program. I've tended to reject this way of thinking throughout my short life. I attend the University of Texas at Austin, but I despise Vince Young. I'm an inveterate Houston Rockets supporter, but I don't want Kyle Lowry or Luis Scola to play well. It's about the shield, the logo, the name on the front, ya know?

But in this year's postseason, it's different. There are some duds and some fan favorites, but check out the list of ex-Astros who will be playing in October. (Minus those that are on the A's, since apparently they lost last night.) These were names pulled off of the active roster, so they obviously may or may not actually be on their respective teams for the World Series chase.

Washington Nationals

  • Xavier Cedeno, RP- Cedeno tossed 1.2 innings of relief for Houston in 2011 and 31 innings in 2012. His numbers were completely mediocre. But there's probably somebody out there somewhere with a CEDENO jersey on. Oh wait, that was for Cesar? Oh...

Baltimore Orioles

  • Bud Norris, SP- Well, we all know Bud, the slightly chubby, mostly likable Cardinals destroyer from days gone by. Though he ended his tenure in Houston with some sour grapes and has spoken out against the Astros' front office multiple times since his shipment to Baltimore, it's hard not to want to go hang out with this guy. As long as he doesn't find out that I'm an Astros fan, of course.
  • Jimmy Paredes, 3B- I always thought Paredes would turn out to be a good player, but alas, his time in Houston was met mostly with unfulfilled expectations. The lanky dude from the Dominican has never spoken out against the Astros, so far as I know anyway. That's good, right?
  • Steve Pearce, OF- Pearce was a 21 game rental in 2012. So I'm not sure if he really even counts as an ex-Astro. But hey, you can cheer for him if you want.
  • J.D. Martinez, OF- Oh sheesh, can we please stop talking about this guy? Like David Coleman, I'm just scared he's going to have a monster postseason and I'll have to listen to all the friends I don't have rag me about how the Astros should have kept him and how he's got such a great power bat and bla bla bla
  • Brad Ausmus, manager- If I have to pick an AL team that's not the Royals though, I want to see the Tigers win one for Brad.
  • Mark Melancon, RP- I miss Mark. Especially seeing as he was traded for Jed Lowrie. Yuck. But the guy does look good in a Pirates jersey, and he's racked up 33 saves. So I'll try and glean some joy from his present success.
  • Clint Barmes, SS- I never liked Clint Barmes. Not then, not now, not ever.
  • Juan Gutierrez, RP- Gutierrez made his major league debut with the Astros in 2007. I was 15 then, so I was probably too busy picking out food from my braces to watch him pitch.
  • Hunter Pence, OF- Captain Underpants is probably the only reason why I have converted into a lover of all things ex-Astros not named Cosart. The man with the high socks and the goofy everything makes me proud to claim him as a son of the Houston nine. God bless Hunter Pence, and may his swing be always be as weird as his running stride and throwing motion.