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Seven Astros On Keith Law Top 100 Prospect List

Seven Astros make Keith Law's very pro-Astros Top 100 prospects list.

Scott Halleran

Head on over to ESPN (insider required) to check out Keith Law's latest Top 100 prospects list.

Seven Astros make the list:

Carlos Correa 4
Mark Appel 11
George Springer 19
Mike Foltynewicz 70
Jon Singleton 78
Delino DeShields 80
Vincent Velasquez 82

Carlos Correa vs. Byron Buxton

Out of all the prospect lists we've seen so far, this is probably the most Astros friendly in regards to several of the debates we've been having in the comment section. Byron Buxton still tops the list but Correa at number four closes the gap on how much better Buxton is perceived to be.

Mark Appel vs. Jonathan Gray vs. Kris Bryant

Appel checks in ahead of Jonathan Gray and Kris Bryant, however, all three are very close together and all in the Top 15.

George Springer

George Springer checking in at 19 as a 24 year old is pretty significant. Particularly, if you pay attention to this guideline for Law's rankings:

I've made one adjustment in my ranking philosophy in recent years, favoring higher-upside prospects over lower-ceiling prospects who are closer to the majors. This better reflects how these players are valued now by front offices and scouting departments, and gives me a chance to deliver more information on prospects whose names or scouting reports might be new to you.

Springer is very old for this list and really close to the majors, but has a high enough ceiling for Law to put him in the Top 20. He's several places ahead of Jackie Bradley Jr. who was drafted the same year and is six months younger.

Other Impressions

  • Law had some very positive things to say about Foltynewicz and his development as a starter.
  • Singleton is one of only three first basemen on the list.
  • A list after missing the top 100, DeShields makes his triumphant return on Law's list. In case you missed it Chris defended DeSheilds status as a prospect on Tuesday.
  • It's nice to see Velasquez get some love on, but interesting that Lance McCullers didn't make the list.

Make sure to head over to ESPN and check out Law's full list and prospect blurbs. You'll be very pleased with the direction the Astros are heading.

UPDATE: Sky Kalkman is doing some interesting things with the list and releasing them on Twitter: