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Astros Fanfest 2014: TCB Interviews Reid Ryan, Bo Porter, Jeff Luhnow

Astros welcome in the new year with Fanfest; preview season with Astros bloggers.

Scott Halleran

There are many dates of the calendar that inch us closer to the start of a brand new baseball season. Finalizing the 40-Man roster before the Rule-5 draft, the winter meetings, and free agency are some of the many things that fill the void during the cold winters without baseball. Personally my favorite off-season activity has always been fanfest, it's the only time you get a chance to actually get back to the stadium. It's like a gasp of air before you get dunked under the water till April.

This year was the first fanfest that I attended as a member of TCB. The Astros were kind of enough to invite the Astros blogger community to a sit-down with Reid Ryan, Bo Porter, and Jeff Luhnow. @AGirlintheSouth (Terri Schlather), @rcarr55TCB (Illinibob), @IdreesTily (Idrees Tily), and myself represented TCB amongst the bloggers taking in the current state of the Astros.

Personally, I felt like the most interesting information came from Reid Ryan with talk of an Astros Hall of Fame and the prospect of changes to Minute Maid Park. But, listen for yourself and left a comment on what you took away from the interviews.

Like I said before, Idrees, Terri, Bob, and myself were all in attendance Saturday to ask questions. This week, each of us will give our take on fanfest and our interactions with the Astros brass.