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Astros FanFest Thread And Request

Send us your FanFest pictures.


Four of our writers will be at FanFest today.

Ryan Dunsmore, Terri Schlather, Idrees Tily and Bob Gerringer will all be present at FanFest. If you happen to run into one of them be sure to say hi. Also, if you see an opportunity to take a picture of them in an awkward post be sure to do that as well and post it on the site or send to me at Which leads me to my request.

For those of you that are going to FanFest and plan on taking pictures send them to me. We have a gallery feature here on the site that I think gets underutilized. Here's an example of one I did last year for my trip to Nashville to see the Oklahoma City RedHawks.

I would love to put a FanFest gallery together of all you beautiful crawfish people, but since I'm not going I'll need your help. Please email me (to the address above) all photos you're willing to be featured in a gallery on this site.