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Baseball America Posts Top 10 Astros Prospects

Baseball America posted its Top 10 Astros Prospects list today

Carlos Correa can swing a baseball bat.
Carlos Correa can swing a baseball bat.

The moment that a few of you have been waiting for!  Baseball America today posted its Top 10 Astros' Prospects List.

1. Carlos Correa, ss

2. George Springer, of

3. Mark Appel, rhp

4. Mike Foltynewicz, rhp

5. Lance McCullers Jr., rhp

6. Vince Velasquez, rhp

7. Jonathan Singleton, 1b

8. Domingo Santana, of

9. Michael Feliz, rhp

10. Asher Wojciechowski, rhp

A few aspects of this article jump out.

  • BA spends more words lambasting the Astros' pitiful 3-year performance than it does discussing the prospects in the system.  Perhaps a bit dismaying, since the fact that the Astros currently suck at the major-league level is old news.  Perhaps it would have been more relevant if they had devoted those words to Japhet Amador instead.
  • Correa, Springer top two.  Yawn.
  • Does anybody else cringe when they see that $2.6 million bonus next to Ariel Ovando's name?
  • Surprised to see Wojo at #10?  So were we, and we love ourselves some Wojo.  TCB had him ranked at #17, but that's more a testament to the system depth than any knock on Mr. Asher.  BA's rationale in ranking him higher than DeShields, Ruiz, Tucker, NiTro, and West would be interesting to read.  Alas.
  • Speaking of DeShields - where is he?  He still ranks among most national Top 100 lists.  But his appearance on BA's Top 100 is now doubtful.  I can't imagine the Astros having 11 or more of the Top 100 prospects.  Again, his rank-droppage seems inexplicable in light of .316/.405/.468 as a 20-year-old at High A.
  • Likewise, it seems low for Singleton.  Does BA just like pitching prospects better than hitting prospects?  Or are they more concerned than most about his lost season, questionable judgment, and sky-high strikeout rate?
  • WTH?  No Josh Hader? Have they lost their friggin' minds?  According to just about everybody, shouldn't Hader have been like, the #1 guy on this list?