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Tyler Massey Runs Through A Wall To Rob Joe Sclafani

Poor Joe Sclafani

Because I don't know how long the video at the top will be up on YouTube, here's a link to the official ABL highlight.

In Australian Baseball League action, Rockies prospect outfielder Tyler Massey went through a wall to rob Astros prospect Joe Sclafani of a hit. In the bottom of the seventh inning of the Friday January 10, 2014, game between the Melbourne Aces and the Adelaide bites, Sclafani, leading off the inning, hit a deep fly ball to right field. Massey raced back and made the catch before crashing through the wall.

Sclafani, playing short for the Bites and batting third, would go 0-4 on the day.

Massey, on the other hand, would go on to hit a three-run home run in the top of the eighth inning to help the Aces defeat the Bites 7-3. He would finish the day 1-5 with a home run.

It sucks for Sclafani, but it's always fun to see an outfielder go over (Hi Austin Wates!) or through a wall.

The box score from the game can be found here.

On the season, Scalafani has a 2.61 batting average, a .340 on-base percentage and a .359 slugging percentage. He's hit one home run, 11 doubles and 37 hits overall.

Joe Sclafani's player statistics can be found here.