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The many GIFs of Craig Biggio

Craig Biggio didn't make the Hall of Fame because there weren't enough GIFs of him in his playing days. Time to remedy that.

Travis Lindquist

Shortly after it was announced that Craig Biggio would not be put into the Hall of Fame this Summer, I came to a realization as to why he hadn't been elected. There weren't enough GIFs of Biggio for BBWAAA members to watch over and over again. This epiphany prompted me to go on a search for Biggio highlights. MLB did not make this easy with it's stranglehold on all baseball highlight videos through copyright. Nonetheless, I've managed to find a few that I think the BBWAA and all Astros fans can appreciate.

Craig Biggio the catcher

With the 22nd pick in the 1987 amateur draft the Houston Astros select catcher Craig Biggio out of Seton Hall University. After it was all said and done, Biggio would end his career with the second highest rWAR among those players selected in the first round of the 1987 draft. Ken Griffey Jr. selected first overall, has the highest career rWAR. A little over a year after being drafted, Biggio made his debut with the big league club June 26, 1988, at catcher.

Jim Deshaies would be the first ever major league pitcher he would catch. The second major league pitcher he would catch was coincidentally Larry Andersen. Who as you know, would be traded to the Boston Red Sox for power-hitting prospect Jeff Bagwell, but I digress. At the dish for his debut Biggio was 0-2 with a walk and a stolen base. The Astros beat the San Francisco Giants that day 6-0. Biggio would go on to play another 427 games at the catcher position for the Astros. He would be selected to one All-Star game while at catcher.


Biggio the second basemen

The Astros quickly realized that they needed Biggio in the lineup everyday. Which at catcher would be difficult to do. They came up with this great idea to move him to second base and began that transition in 1991. That year he played three games at second base. The next year 161 games at second base. He would go on to play 1989 games at second base, while winning four gold gloves along the way.


Left or right it didn't matter. Biggio would end up winning four gold gloves and being selected to six All-Star games while at the position..

Biggio would end up playing 363 games in the outfield after the Astros signed Jeff Kent to play second base.

Craig Biggio the base stealer

Part of the reason why Biggio was moved off catcher was to protect is legs. Good decision by the Astros, because he stole 414 bases for his career.


Craig Biggio the hitter

3060 hits, 668 doubles, 55 triples. 291 home runs. He finished his career with a .281 batting average, a .363 on-base percentage and a .433 slugging percentage. In his prime, 1993-1999, he hit .303/.397/.473. In 1997, his career year, he did not hit into a single double play. 744 plate appearances and the defense could not turn one double play.


Biggio the legend

3060. 21st all-time. Five more than Ricky Henderson, 50 less than Dave Winfield. Both players inducted into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot.


Almost made it.

If anyone has other highlights of Biggio I would love to talk to you,