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MLB Scores: Astros 6; Twins 9

5 people in the seats around the arena today saw the people wearing the white dresses not get married and instead the gray togas prevailed in this match with many good swinger armers that we are absent of.

The man of dragons show the gray togas a good "hit" while he taps each base with a moccasin
The man of dragons show the gray togas a good "hit" while he taps each base with a moccasin
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

A warning for those who have hard time reading english: for those who know how a game of baseball work, this recap you would understand and make sense to you. Also, please drink enough water because you will get very tired reading this passage and you might get dehydrated!

First off, the good stuff: The big man with dragon made of chemicals that been put into his arm by a sharp needle swing a big bat today and it tackled one ball which the pitcher throw, sending it over that which people walk to go to their seats and the big train rolls on. One man who have two gloves and stick made of wood with toothpicks on his moccasins to grab onto the dirt stand in big chalk rectangle to avoid what legend say is bear, which don't like chalk very much and will not attack man inside chalk shelter.

Another man who stand on the raised mound with big arm that catapult a sphere about 100 times today, and who have been good before, did not swing his arm very well on this date and other people with moccasin on each foot trying to avoid bear attack have bigger piece of dry lumber that go round and round and tackle the balls more than the men in the white toga which say Astros on front have done today.

That man who do have the name of "Cosart" embroidered on posterior side of the enclosed non-bulletproof white sheet made of artificial fibers, the part of which when worn the best way is superior to the gluteal region of the Homo sapien species. This fabric which saddle on this man shoulders say a lot about him, which today say he have arm that swing wild. This was obvious fact of the game between the two dresses of conglomerations. Even Eleanor Roosevelt would have said same thing due to the three based on balls. A based on ball no is good, even sometimes it can be, right Abraham Lincoln?

Furthermore when that man with the toga no longer swing his arm and he sit down on the dead wood structure which have been placed underneath the grass level, to the side, another man who walk from elsewhere come take his place. Well, these people maybe do better than first man, but with the score counted as run being less for the white togas than the gray togas, we are doomed, like we are with the man with intact reproductive organs named Selig who live in a office near a Milwaukee and have lots of fun with voodoo dolls that plague the Astros.

And so when the sun go down and people yawn more, a what you call "a pen of many bulls" was released and that have a bad consequence when it eventually happened because they are bad swinger armers, but we all have that information inside the skull which we call ours. Thus I can skip the part where the bull named Jorge gave up 2 "runs" to the gray dresses. And so by that time of night, we were more doomed, and probably it was projected that the white dresses would not get married and the gray togas would prevail.


After all along you were a reading, I am a switching it up on a you because I am just a kidding kindof. As you will be able to see if you have working eyes, Brandon Barnes do this with his lumber and his hands right at the last second and the ball get tackled very hard! See here:


Wow! Would you believe that? Only 5 people in the stands and it is not even a game during the spring time when there's flowers!

But as legend has it and I broke your heart in a meat grinder, chapped lips man give up too many runs a few innings past as he begin in the 12 inning to break the twist-tie. Specifically, this was 1 run that come home on a pitch thrown from his swinger arm that was just too wild. Oh weel! But then he give a double to a man who drove in two more runs in his pickup a-truck. That was a big bad moment where the score was raised 9-6.

But as fate has it, the white dresses standing in the bear-proof boxes with big lumbers could not get the job done, and so we lose. It is with some sadness I have to announce this, but what am I a man going to do, tell a lie? Oh that would be unhonest. But I say this truth so that you people who are both men and women can sleep on a clean bed sheets tonight and when you find out you are not dead when the sun rise again, you realize you cry through the night because you are Astros fan, and you like the white togas, but they never do good. In the future they do, but now they no do. So good night friends, be a good citizen and hope the white dresses will get married tomorrow! I do leave you with this parting gift... gif...