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MLB Scores: Astros 1, Indians 2

Even mother nature is tired of watching the Astros lose.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

It was probably for the best.

Friday the Astros lost to the Indians 2-1 six and a half innings, with the Cleveland rain closing out the final two and a half innings. With the way the Astros have played recently it was probably for the best. Brett Oberholtzer had another outstanding start despite taking the loss. In six innings he allowed two unearned runs on four hits, three walks and two strikeouts. He lowered his already stellar ERA from 2.98 to 2.71.

Brandon Laird hit a home run in the top of the second inning to give the Astros their only run game. The Indians tied the game a 1-1 in the bottom half of the second inning after a fielding error by Laird allowed Asdrubal Cabrera to reach and Carlos Santana to advance to second. That was followed by a single and a ground ball force out that allowed the Indians to score.

Two innings later the Astros would play a little pinball to allow the second run to score. After a Ryan Raburn single and a Cabrera walk, Micheal Brantley hit it what may have been an inning double play or at least a force out. Instead Chris Carter's, who fielded the ball at first, threw wide of second base into left field allowing Raburn. Marc Krauss' made a strong throw home, but it got away from Carlos Corporan allowing the runners to move up. Luckily, Oberholtzer was able to limit the damage and get out of the inning without further damage.

The Astros had an opportunity to score runs in the next to innings but J.D. Martinez failed to score from second on a single up the middle (probably would have been thrown out) in the fifth inning and Jose Altuve after walking was thrown out trying to steal second in the sixth. The Astros went down in order in the seventh and that was game.

I can't decide if the rain robbed us of an opportunity to win the game or saved us from the inevitable loss. Either way I have this feeling I've never experienced before in all my years an Astros fan...I can't wait for the season to be over and you know what that really just sucks on all levels.

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