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Astros Poetry

Poetry about the Astros 2013 season.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

As I mentioned in the recap the other night, I am taking a creative writing course. Part of the course requires us to write poetry. One of the subjects I've found most useful to write about is baseball and in particular the Astros. If you think about some of the verbiage and nuances of baseball it can be very poetry like. Vin Scully, the Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster, is often considered THE poet of baseball.

So with that I'd like to share some of the pieces of poetry I've been working on. I am not done with them, but they are for assignment so any feedback would be welcome. Even if you're not into poetry just let me know how it made you feel or if you felt it was missing something.

I've already published one of them as the recap for Wednesdays game, which describes what happened from the 10th inning on. This first one is from Tuesday's game during the bottom of the fourth inning and the second one is from Thursday night's game.

Why Are You Still Watching?

It’s the bottom of the fourth, the Astros are already losing 9-0.

Marc Krauss is at the plate, batting .208.

The count is 2-2 now, one more strike and he’s out.

He makes contact and flies out.

The TV crew fills time with a trivia question.

Matt Dominguez is now at the plate, batting .241.

The count is 1-2, after that fouled pitch.

A breaking ball in the dirt, 2-2.

Dominguez softly lines out to Brandon Phillips.

Earlier in the game Phillips had a GIF made.

Jonathan Villar slid head first into his butt.

Funny, to those not Astros fans and to some that are Astros fans.

Brett Wallace bloops one into right.

Chris Carter, otherwise known as Trogdor is at the plate.

The count is 1-2 for the Astros strikeout king.

Earlier in the game he struck out for the 200th time.

The count is 2-2, after a pitch way outside.

Trogdor makes contact, but flies out to right.

The inning is over. The Astros and Reds switch sides.

GIFs of butts, fly outs and strikeouts, this season really sucks.

The Futile Win

Dallas Keuchel has had himself a game

Over a 100 pitches now, the lefty looks to complete his seventh inning.

A ground ball back up the middle and he got his man.

At 112 pitches his day is likely done.

His final line against Cleveland:

Seven innings pitched, seven hits, one earned run, one walk and seven strikeouts.

Despite that gem he won’t get the win.

The Astros lose again.