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Astros Injury: Catcher Jason Castro Leaves Game With Sprained Right Knee

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Astros catcher Jason Castro leaves game with sprained right knee.

Scott Halleran

In the second inning of Monday's Labor Day game, Jason Castro took an awkward swing on a foul ball:


On the very next pitch he hit a ball down the left field line and appeared to run awkwardly to first base:


After a visit from the team athletic trainer and Bo Porter, Jason Castro was pulled from the game and Cody Clark inserted into the game as a pinch runner.

According to David Barron of the Houston Chronicle it's being called a right knee sprain, which is a bit of a concern considering that's the same knee that he had surgery on back in 2011:

Castro required surgery on his right knee in March 2011 after suffering a torn anterior cruciate ligament while trying to avoid a tag in his second spring training game of his second season in the big leagues. -David Barron

Here's what Brooks' has to say about the injury:

Same knee as the ACL/medial meniscus.

Knee didn't look too bad. I doubt any structural damage. ACL or LCL are the most likely ligaments to be sprained.

A few days rest is most likely, but wouldn't be surprised at a short DL stint. I wouldn't be concerned about it.

Castro was 2-2 on the day with two runs batted in and a run scored.