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MLB Scores: Astros 5, Reds 6

The Astros lose their 101st game in extra innings and I write a five page poem about it.

Trogdor has apparently been hanging out with Captain Collision
Trogdor has apparently been hanging out with Captain Collision
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

I don't profess to be a poet, nor do I aspire to be one, but the other night I found that I could get my poetry homework done for my creative writing class while watching the Astros game by crafting poetry based on the game. Had this game ended at a more normal time you would have gotten a regular recap, but seeing as it's 1:30 a.m. in the morning Eastern and I just spent the last two and a half hours writing a five page poem on the Astros extra inning loss this is what you get.

With that, I add to the ever expanding Astros Poetry library tonight's recap*:

As this is a class assignment, feedback would be welcome.

Extra Innings

Free baseball is here!

The Astros and Reds locked in an epic battle.

Four runs scored for each.

Tomorrow each travels to a new city.

It seems unlikely that the Astros should be here,

staving off their 101st loss.

It seems unlikely that the Reds should be here,

trying to secure their 87th win.

Two outs now in the bottom of the 10th.

J.D. Martinez stands in with a man at second.

Ball, 1-0.

Next pitch weakly ground to second. Onward to the 11th!

Brandon Phillips aka DatDudeBP is at the plate

0 outs, man on first.

Man on first because I missed who reach.

I was refilling my drink in prepara…

DatDudeBP pops out. One out.

Joey Votto, the patient Canadian, steps to the plate.

Two straight fouls and into the hole he goes.

Hailing from the North, I have a soft spot for Votto.

Here though he must be destroyed.

After a ball, he feels the heat of a Chia-Jen Lo high fastball he cannot reach.

Two outs.

Jay Bruce steps to the plate.

3-0, for the man Reds fans chant "BRUUUUUUUUUCE."

3-1, for the man from Texas.

Ball four, two on, two out, runner in scoring position.

Ryan Ludwick steps to the plate.

O for four already, Ludwick looks for redemption.

1-2, after fouling off another pitch.

33 pitches for Lo.

34 is a spoiled pitch low and away.

Ludwick fouls off his third straight pitch.

He’s not so lucky on the 36 pitch from Lo.

A flyout to right ends the inning.

To the bottom of the 11th we go.

Brandon Barnes, Jonathan Villar and Jose Altuve due up.

Four pitches in and it’s 1-2 to Barnes.

Pitch five is a single to left-center.

Runner on first and no outs for the good guys.

Villar is almost certain to bunt here, moving Barnes to scoring position.

The bunt attempt is pulled back, 0-1 for Villar.

The bunt attempt is pulled back, 1-1 for Villar

The bunt attempt is not pulled back.

Villar is out at first but mission accomplished Barnes is at second.

Jose Altuve, his own metric, is given a free pass.

Altuve at first and Barnes at second sets up the force at any base.

Trevor Crowe waits on deck, 0-1 with a walk.

A single to left!

A stop sign at third, one out.

No wait! Altuve is caught off second.

To aggressive base running gets him called out.

Two outs after the gaff.

Now up to a guy named Marc Krauss.

1-2 pitch is fouled off again.

High and inside, 6,2’ 235 pound Krauss has to duck out of the way, 2-2.

Pacing, heart racing, this could be it.

Marc Krauss strikes out.

On to the 12th we go.

It’s 12:39 a.m. not sure how much longer I can go.

Wow! Jorge de Leon replaces the one called Lo.

Three pitches, three outs.

The truest definition of a 1-2-3 inning.

Onto the bottom of the 12th we go.

Matt Dominguez, aka MattyD!, takes a mighty swing to start the inning.

The second one not so mighty, 0-2.

The baby’s crying.

2-2, MattyD weakly grounds to short. One out.

Chris Carter, the man they call Trogdor, steps to the plate.

Two and two and a single to right.

LJ Hoes follows with a single to right.

Two on, one out for Matt Pagnozzi.

Batting .111, there isn’t much hope for Pagnozzi.

I feel the weight of my eyes, 2-0.

A mighty swing, a tease down the left field line.

Foul ball.

Pagnozzi only needs a single to win the game.

Wait, the 6’4" 245 pounds Trogdor is at second.

He’ll probably need a double.

It doesn’t matter he’s struck out.

Barnes, aka The Human Highlight Reel, steps to the plate.

Another might swing and another whiff.

Going for the home run when he really needs to just get on base.

0-1, Barnes lifts a fly ball to right field for out number three.

Billy Hamilton, a speed demon, starts the 13th.

3-2, and he walks.

Does he dare take second?

Shin-Soo Choo steps to the plate.

A pitch out and Hamilton stands on second.

Man he’s fast.

Choo takes his fourth straight ball.

Free base.

DatDudeBP returns to the plate.

Runners first and second, no outs.

0-1, DatDudeBP pulls the bunt attempt back.

The ball gets by the catcher, runners move to second and third.

The go ahead runs are in place.

A ball is smoked to third.

MattyD! makes a very nice play.

One out and Votto is walked to load the bases.

With one out, the walk sets up a double play.

2-0, to the man they call "BRUUUUUUUUCE."

A deep fly ball to center field scores two.

Astros down 6-4.

Ludwick at the plate again.

2-2, two outs needed.

A weak liner to Altuve retires Ludwick.

One more out to go and Todd Frazier is at the plate.

one ball, one strike, Aroldis Chapman is warming up.

A laser foul down the left field line, 1-2.

I once saw Frazier hit a home run with a broken bat.

He strikes out her to mercifully end the top of the 13th.

The Astros hope for a comeback,

rest on the shoulders of Villar, Altuve and Crowe and possibly more.

Where did everyone go?

The stadium looks empty.

Villar, steps to the plate to take on Chapman.

They call Chapman the Cuban Missile.

He throws over 100 miles per hour, that’s where the missile comes in.

He’s from Cuba, that’s where the Cuban comes in.

1-2, to Villar.

Two more balls and it’s 3-2.

The payoff pitch is ball four.

Villar trots to first base.

A speed demon in his own right.

Altuve, steps to the plate.

All five feet, five inches of him.

The ball gets away from the catcher.

Villar moves to second, then third on Altuve’s ground out.

Crowe grounds out to third,

Villar scores to make it a one-run game.

It will be up to other players to tie the game.

Brandon Laird pinch hits for Krauss.

3-0, Laird is ahead.

To far inside, ball four.

Laird takes his base, while MattyD takes his place.

I’ve seen this matchup before.

The last time MattyD! and the Cuban Missile met,

MattyD! deactivated the missile with a three-run home run.

Can he do it again, with the game on the line?

0-1, MattyD! lines it into left.

Laird to second, MattyD! to first.

The game isn’t over yet.

Trogdor 2-4 on the night steps to the plate.

0-1, 0-2, Trogdor strikes out.

Game Over.