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Astros Podcast: Free George Springer And Astros In The Playoffs

Astros Baseball Podcast: Eric Thames, Hector Ambriz, September call ups and Max Stassi replacing Jason Castro. Astros Minors Podcast: College football, Astros minor league playoffs and surprises and disappointments.

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TCB Podcast ready to invade your thoughts and tickle your ear drums with Houston Astros baseball talk.

Note: Check your podcast subscription one of the podcast may need to be manually download. iTunes has a tendency to only download one podcast when multiple podcasts are released at the same time.


TCBP AB 97: Free George Springer!

In this episode Sean Feist, Ryan Dunsmore and myself discuss

  • Eric Thames claimed; Hector Ambriz designated for assignment
  • September call ups and why George Springer and Jason Stoffel weren't called up
  • Chances that Max Stassi will replace Jason Castro as the catcher of the future

Eric Thames in and Hector Ambriz is out

There's not a whole lot to say about this move. Eric Thames becomes yet another outfielder Jeff Luhnow has acquired and Hector Ambriz is the player he replaces. Thames is interesting in that he could provide Houston with a left-handed bat off the bench, except that he hasn't been called up. And it looks like he won't be called up, which might say all that needs to be said about his addition to the organization.

September call ups

Trevor "Crazy Eyes" Crowe and Jorge De Leon were called up to start the month. After the Oklahoma City RedHawks, the Astros Class AAA affiliate, were eliminated from the playoffs Rhiner Cruz, David Martinez, Brandon Laird and Jimmy Paredes were called up. I'm intrigued by the pitchers and that's mostly because I'm desperate to see some good pitching out of the bullpen. Hopefully one or both guys can step up for the Astros.

Replacing Jason Castro

Max Stassi was brought up as a potential replacement for Castro at the catcher position. I say why not keep both? I don't see any reason why Castro has to be replaced.


Podcast Art Video (Time lapsed):


TCB AMP 17: Astros Playoff Baseball

In this episode Brooks Parker, Anthony Boyer and myself discuss:

  • College football
  • Astros minor league playoffs
  • Surprises and disappointments for Class AAA affiliate Oklahoma City and Class AA affiliate Corpus Christi

College Football

Brooks was trying to troll me with some Jadeveon Clowney talk. I don't think he expected my passionate response. Teams have game planned for him with screens, quick passes and running the ball and that has started a narrative where essentially Clowney sucks. If you actually watched South Carolina's games you would see that he's in the backfield on a regular basis. The other 10 players on defense need to start making some plays or they need to drop Clowney so he can make a play on the running back or the short pass.

Astros Minor League Playoffs

Live updates on Sunday's (yes, I know it's Tuesday) on the Lancaster JetHawks and Corpus Christi Hooks playoff games. We also look at the overall playoff picture for all the teams.

Surprises and Disappointments

I had George Springer as my surprise for Oklahoma City simply because I expected him to hit well to finish the season but not this well. He improved his strikeout and walk rate as well his power, which is just mind boggling. For disappointment I went with Austin Wates who has been dealing with some injury issues.

For Corpus Christi I went with Domingo Santana, who seemed to get a bad rap for starting off slow this year. He finished the season strong and hit the most home runs out of all the players at Class AA this year. For disappointment I went with Mike Foltynewicz, whose had a good year ERA wise but not peripheral wise. At Class AA his strikeouts are down from his high Class A numbers and he's still walking the same amount of batters. His 100 MPH fastball is sexy but he's still got some things to work on.


    Next Scheduled Podcast Recordings: September 15, 2013, 7 p.m. CT


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