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Who Says White Men Can't Jump? Not Robbie Grossman

Astros outfielder Robbie Grossman proves that white men can jump.

Scott Halleran

Since Robbie Grossman's return to the big leagues he's flashed some surprising power smacking four home runs and eight doubles for a .508 slugging percentage in 130 plate appearances. Thursday night he showed off another hidden skill...his mad ups.

In the top of the fourth inning with two outs and Jordan Lyles on the mound, Dustin Ackley sent a line drive to left field and this happened:


Let's slow that down a little bit:


Grossman not only got the final out of the inning but also debunked the white men can't jump myth.

Following along the same lines of Astros County in renaming Robbie's first name to Bob, I propose we now change his last name to Jumpman. So that from this day forth he is known as Robbie Grossman by day and Bob Jumpman by night.

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